The Grand Organ at Notre-Dame de Paris.

Organists and experts involved with the Cavaillé-Coll organ at Notre-Dame de Paris have announced that it has miraculously survived Monday’s fire. This photo was taken on Wednesday, April 17, two days after the fire.

The organ is nestled in between the two towers, and under a pitched roof that’s significantly lower than the main roof that burned, so the fire’s heat dissipated into the night sky far above the organ. Although the organ appears and impenetrable to the untrained eye, it is full of delicate pipes made of soft metal that melts at relatively low temperatures. Even the myriad horizontal trumpet pipes survived. It’s reported that there are puddles of water about, and plenty of dust and soot, but the organ is essentially intact. Plans are being made to remove the organ from the building as soon as safety can be assured, and we can expect it to be restored to its full glory.

The box below is a link to a spectacular improvisation on “La Marseillaise” by Olivier Latry, titular organist at Notre-Dame. Give it a click, and you’ll see why this organ is considered one of the great artistic and musical treasures of the world.

This is why we have pipe organs.

1969 Holtkamp “Martini”   Click here for more information.

1969 Holtkamp “Martini” Click here for more information.


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The Organ Clearing House featured on BBC World

In November 2011 Jane O'Brien of BBC World asked if she could do a "piece" about the Organ Clearing House. See the video below featuring David Enlow and the 1915 Casavant organ we renovated and installed at the Church of the Resurrection in New York City.  Thanks to Jane for her interest in understanding of what we do. We welcome your inquiries.