What Purchasers Say


To my mind, there is no organ building concern with as much expertise and experience with organs of all kinds, of all vintages from the nineteenth century to the present day, as the Organ Clearing House. As we were selecting, renovating, enlarging, installing, and finishing our ‘new’ vintage organ, everything was done cheerfully and to my exacting requirements, but it would still have been a great organ if I had merely opened the doors and let them work.

I was impressed immediately with John Bishop’s complete knowledge of the instrument, aided by his background as an organist, and Amory Atkins’ ability to plan and execute every stage of the physical work, often accomplishing the impossible in a difficult building with great musical needs. Our Rector, organ committee, and parishioners were pleased with their command of every practical detail from start to finish, and the result has been hailed by many of the nation’s finest organists as a brilliant jewel in the crown of New York organs. I recommend the Organ Clearing House without hesitation, and am nothing short of thrilled with our work together.

David Enlow,
Organist & Choirmaster, Church of the Resurrection Organ Faculty, 
The Juilliard School; Sub-Dean, New York City Chapter AGO

Wallace & Company has been in association with the Organ Clearing House for nearly 30 years. The primary focus of our shop is the renovation and restoration of existing tracker pipe organs. The Organ Clearing House has been a vital resource to enable us to find appropriate organs for our clients as well as a resource for parts and materials to complete restorations often with materials from the original builder. We have also been able to make use of their considerable technical expertise in organ relocation and placement.

Additionally, The Organ Clearing House has been able to provide an expert crew to augment our staff to safely disassemble, pack, move and reassemble historic organs. Even when the circumstances of an organ move are less than ideal, decades of experience allow the Organ Clearing House crew to successfully to turn a “not possible” situation into a project successfully completed.

David E. Wallace & Company extends our congratulations to the Organ Clearing House upon reaching their 50th year of service and we look forward to many more successful years.

David E. Wallace
David E. Wallace & Company

I had dreamed of owning a pipe organ for my home since I was a boy. Scrolling through the pages of organs for sale on the OCH website was a decadent pleasure for me. So many organs were too big, too small, too old, to costly, too far away, or simply to complex to move. One day I saw a Moller Artiste, four ranks, in very good condition, in storage, and with in driving distance. Perhaps I should take a look! After many emails and phone calls with John Bishop, I met my organ builder and John at the storage facility. I was in love! The organ was everything John had said and was just what I was looking for: correct size, condition, location, style, and price. I made an offer and was now the owner.

The next task was moving it some 200 miles! Luckily it was beautifully crated already by OCH and virtually ready to go. I was lucky that OCH was able to pack it on a truck along with another job in my area and deliver it to my home in two weeks...and all for a VERY reasonable price. It arrived in hundreds of pieces and was carefully put in my garage, awaiting assembly by me. Again, many phone calls with John, my organ builder Larry Nevin, and various supply houses, and within a few months I was playing my very own pipe organ in my own home. I have since up graded many systems and had the instrument carefully revoiced for my home. I’ve added the first 12 pipes of the 8’ open diapason (it was originally common with the viole) and have also added the first 12 pipes to the 8’ trumpet which now plays at 16’ in the pedal. These additions have given the instrument an incredible rich dimension, sounding much bigger than only four ranks.

Having a real pipe organ in my home has been a passion and joy for these past 6 years. Being able to practice whenever I wish, without interruption from well meaning church people is wonderful. I can also practice for short periods of time while at home, without wasted travel time to the church. And the sound of real wind blown pipes is far superior to even the most advanced digital substitute. And I did it all for LESS than an electronic organ would cost. The Organ Clearing House helped make my dream come true!

Drew Kreismer